Here you can find the =[ITF]= VTC Rules

1) In =[ITF]= we do not have many rules, the most important rule within =[ITF]= is Having Fun.

2) You choose when you drive, with who you drive, how you drive, we leave this choice for our members themselves.


How to join us?

All you have to do is register for our VTC on TruckersMP, you can do this by going to the link below and registering.

Once you have done this, an administrator of =[ITF]= will approve your account, from then on you will be a member of =[ITF]=.

If you also want to log your drives, this is also possible, for this we use TrucksBook.
You are not obligated to use this, but it offers many advantages for the VTC if you do so.

Go to the link below to create an account on TrucksBook.

Once you are registered, an administrator of =[ITF]= will also activate your account and you can start logging your jobs.
All this is automatic, you do not have to perform any actions yourself to log your deliveries.